Monday, November 1, 2010

LOST: The Complete Collection

Sorry for the photo overload, but, seriously, words are not enough (and I get a little camera happy).
The Beautiful Box

The map inside of the lid

A Clearer picture

Box with lid removed

Episode Guide

It has some truly stunning artwork

Senet Game Board 

Faux Play

Recovered journal entry from the Black Rock

The Ankh 
(I swear my hand's not orange, my phone's flash does some funky things)

Inside was a hidden message from Jacob

What we've all been waiting for:  The DVD's!

Six wonderful seasons

38 DVD's!

Close up on the artwork

It's really very exquisite!

Seasons 5&6

The set came with a miniature black light, Dharma style

When shown on the map you can see a hidden frozen donkey wheel!
When you turn the map there is a hidden disc behind it!

That's all the pictures I have.  Thanks to Words Crafter for the help in procuring this and delivering it to me.  I think you know how grateful I am.  

Now I think would be a good time to go and start my first day of Nano as it is 9:23 PM and I've got nothing...

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  1. Oh My Gosh!!!! It looks better here than online, wow! I'm so glad you got it. These pics make me want it!!!!

    It only took a couple hours to get 2k words, so you should be okay. Good luck getting onto the site, though!

    Great photos. And right back atchya for getting me the HP discs and the buttons. Now, go write something and get some sleep.