Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Catch up and Harry Potter

So, it's been a while.  A little over a month.  I have been so busy with school and work, and (previously) Nano, which, I am proud to say, I finished with a just smidgen over 50,000 words.  My story is no where close to being finished, however.  I am still writing part one, of three.  I'm taking a break to write a short story, which I haven't done in a while, and am really excited about it.  It's a ghost story, my favorite kind, and deals with a stressed college kid--write what you know, right?

I was informed of a blogfest by Wordscrafter that I have decided to participate in.  Its task, challenged by Michael Gesu over at In Time..., is to write a 500 word scene with the characters from Harry Potter, themed around a holiday.  Since I really needed something to take my mind off of final exams and just school in general, I decided to participate.  And since I absolutely LOVE Harry Potter and am going through withdrawals at the moment seeing as the week-long Harry Potter Fest on campus is over, and I've already seen the new film twice, and I don't have time right now to re-read the books again, which is what I would usually do after a film, I thought that this would be a good type of therapy.

Well, it was really hard to get it down to this few words but I did it and I hope you all enjoy:

"Hello, Hagrid," Harry said, his voice resounding against the walls of the Great Hall. 
Hagrid turned around, swinging one arm wildly, knocking over tiny Professor Flitwick standing on a chair slightly in front of him to the right, whom Harry hadn’t noticed at first. The little man tumbled off his chair and at the same time a large crashing noise echoed through the hall as, somewhere that was still blocked to Harry by Hagrid’s mass, something fell from suspension to the ground. 
Flitwick only grumbled to himself.
Hagrid lifted Flitwick up, not as gently as he would have liked, and sat him back on his feet, where he got to repairing the pile of broken, glass ornaments. 
"What'd ya need, Hagrid?" Ron asked, standing next to Harry and looking just as concerned.
"Well, I was actually hopin' you'd bring Hermione, no offence, she's better with charms than the two of ya, but we'll manage. I need ya to help me with the trees if ya wouldn't mind. There's more this year than usual with the Yule Ball and all and it'll take me all day without magic, and Flitwick, he don' like me too much."
Harry looked at Ron and could tell that he was thinking the same thing: that he wished they had brought Hermione as well.  The fact that Hagrid had asked students for help, under the table, no less, was a sign that he was embarrassed of his apparent oafness.
They followed Hagrid to the front entrance of the Hall, into the snow, and saw a huge pile of green trees.  Harry looked at Ron; his only advice was to raise his eyebrows and shrug.
“Well,” Hagrid said.  “We better start.”  He lunged forward, grabbed a tree by the top in his massive hands and pulled it from the others and then started back into the hall, dragging it behind him.
“How does he expect us to move these?” Ron asked.
“You’re pretty good at levitation.  We could try that,” Harry suggested.
Ron didn’t seem to like having the responsibility of the trees placed on him, but pulled out his wand nonetheless. 
He pointed it at the pile of trees and took a deep breath.  “Wingardium Leviosa!”
The tree on top lifted, wobbled and then, right when Ron was sure he had it sufficiently balanced, listed and fell from the air, crashing a few feet away from where it had started.
Harry was laughing. 
“It’s not a feather,” Ron said, angrily.  “You try it!”
Harry moved in front of the trees.  “We’ll shrink them,” he said, seeming quite proud of the idea.
“Reducio!” He bellowed.  The trees billowed as if hit by a strong gust of wind and then burst into flame.  He looked at Ron, and then toward the Great Hall, a burning bonfire behind them, as Hagrid and Flitwick raced their way.  They tried to smile, awkwardly, however. 
“Get out, GO!” Flitwick screamed, and then looked up to Hagrid with anger.
Hagrid looked at the burning trees and sighed.  Harry and Ron backed away slowly, hoping to escape any possible rage, and then ran once they rounded the corner.

I originally had in this information about the golden egg and the Fat Lady, and Ron (comically) waking up, but it wouldn't fit in the "no more than 525 words."  I like this and I hope everyone else does.  And thanks to Michael for having this contest for all us Potterheads!

*Edit:  I realize I did this wrong, by not including myself, and if I have any time before Saturday to write another, I will.  Either way, I had a lot of fun writing Harry Potter.


  1. Potterheads!!! That's a good one! I still like it the way it is. I haven't read any of the other entrants' stories....have you?

    Good luck!

  2. Just one. It's the only other one already uploaded.

  3. Good use of the spells and funny that Hagrid said they should've brought Hermione - so true! A few of us missed the rule about including ourselves in the story, oh well!

  4. This was a fun read and I think you captured the character well. :)

  5. Oh Ron and Harry, however did they manage to do anything without Hermione's help? Hahaha

    Thanks for the cute story!

  6. Great story - I could just see their faces! Hagrid is not going to be happy looking for more trees!


  7. Oh man! I was laughing really hard at this one. I loved the way you used the spells. They should have brought Hermione.

  8. Nice to meet you. You captured Hagrid's voice expertly, nicely done. I thought it was pretty funny. Clearly their first year.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  9. Funny story William.

    I really enjoyed it. You did a great job with the character's very believable.

    Not to worry about not including yourself. Half the entries didn't. I'm still judging all as long as the word max is honored. You passed on that account.

    You have an easy flow of writing. I like it and look forward to reading more on your blog.

    Thank you for your entry, The diversity of scenes is making this blogfest an exciting one.


  10. You did capture Hagrid's voice, wonderfully done. I agree with Hagrid, they should have brought Hermione along, she keeps them out of messes. Great job! :D

  11. Cool. I love the slight awkwardness of the boys. And kudos for including Hagrid!

  12. Oh, those spells sure would be helpful around the house, dontcha think? Especially putting up Christmas trees. Hahahaha